Friday, June 29, 2007


I went back to camp today... to give back my camp pass(which has been delayed erm since my ORD?)... I woke up pretty late but managed to get to camp not TOO late at least...

I also got one of my ambulance driver friend a little something I drew during my free time haha

It's a strip of Bert and Ernie... It's a PUN on my friend's ORD date, saying its really shorter than he thinks... :P (I thought of the idea spontaneously when I was somewhat driving I think haha)

If you don't get it, you could see the pic fer yourself heh:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I heart heart Kim Hyung-Tae

Kim Hyung-Tae is a Korean artist... not actor... so yeah... sorry to disappoint any Korean loving groupies out there... *cough*Tiffany*cough*

So anyways, I went Kinokuniya the other day and bought his illustrations visual book...
"Kim Hyung-Tae Oxide 2x"

Thing was, I havent even seen his works before or played the game he illustrated for, but the moment I browsed through the pages of the book(I randomly saw the book), I totally fell in love with his style of drawing and art... Much like how I fell in love with my other favourite artists' art too(lets not go into there :P)

And I bought it on impulse haha

*PS: I could be wrong... Kim Hyung-Tae could be a girl lol*

Here are some samples from the book! Aren't they hawt?:
oxide 2x cover
oxide 2x pages
oxide 2x pages2

2 funny videos worth watching

Haha you so need this...

One is from Shrek3(so SPOILERS if you havent watched), but if you've watched OR don't bother to... then by all means...

The second one a video Will Ferrel made... It was shown on the Ellen Show... Friggin' Hilarious! And Cute! =D

Here Goes!:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Caught In The Act On A Trip At Phuket

Well my friend Glenn was SO smart to upload a video he had of me where I was caught unaware by his video camera...(thought he was doing still shots)

We were on a Phuket trip and that boat was around Phi Phi Island... That was like a month ago. mm yeah

Anyways, I thought I looked foolish here lol:

Birthday Favour

K thought I'd just post this anyway...

My friend(Alston) from camp pestered me to draw a Diablo2 character for him since ages ago...
So when it was coming to his birthday which was supposed to be today, I thought why not? Happy Birthday Alston! ;) I gave him last week btw heh

Here it is:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Celebrating 10 years of drawing!

K so I havent been doing much at home... and well... hmm seriously I have no idea what I'm going to do with this darn blog hah

Still looking for a JOB(still luv the slacking at home heh) and one day I was at home and I saw this show(think Tyra's show haha friggin' lame show oh well).

She did a photo she took ten years ago and tried to recreate the same photo currently.

So... I tried to do the same thing I did with a pic I drew of a character I made up when I was younger(1997)

Her name's Natasha... lol well supposedly I was inspired to create her(and few others) after playing my favourite game, Shining the Holy Ark, back then :P



Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shall we dance?

Today(well night actually), I was bored.... So... yeah naturally people would start to create Blogs when they're bored...


I got encouragement from my friend to start a blog, so I could crap out whatever stuff I have from my head and list them here... Probably a grocery list too eh?

As of tonight, it's my first day(ok night) for a blog...

So yeah... I currently have no friggin' idea what else to put up here... I've other stuff to do and TV to catch later... so yeah... See you guys later...