Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tekkon kinkreet on 23rd Nov

Watched this cool japanese animation with OIC at National Musuem, called Tekkon kinkreet!

I got the last ticket from Drewscape the last hour when I called him xD
Definitely a must see!! Sadly its over already now lol

A is for Andy

I went for the Andy Warhol exhibition on 18th November...

That was about 2 weeks ago... wanted to post soon but... well.

Went with Iza and Riz. Saw Brandon da poop, his GF and OIC members and also tiff xD

To be honest, I don't like his works. But he's established and famous, so I guess he doesnt give a crap bout me haha
Well that's my opinion anyway :P

Here's some pics: