Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yet another BDAY

Yeah Rafiq's birthday was also 16 Sept. So we met for dinner on the actual day. xD

BDAY boy looking hostile and me looking pantarts. lol

Jon and Eunice busy with stuff, while Janice introduces the "FAST CHEESE" pose

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Terence's BDAY

Kinda 2 weeks ago.... But I'll post anyway.

Terence's BDAY(and Glenn's) was on 16th... so Terence decided to celebrate it earlier... :P

DO NOT ask me why the pictures are too far to the left... Its the BLOG's HyperText Markup Language thats screwed up, not the pics I uploaded. X_x

What da hell was Harman doing to Terence!?

The Hotdog Terence was eating could not have found a more perfect spot to station on. >=)

Yes that's Terence, a BLINK in a FLASH!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids 'R' COOL!!

Got a math problem?

Call the police! xD

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sept Daze

September is the month that has the most of my friends' birthdays....

Now, I'm not the person who usually remembers birthdays(I do remember, but on the actual date I totally forget lol)
or buy pressies...

But because they bought me stuff last year(and maybe this year xD), I thought I gotta get them something...

I just got Caroline a portrait I drew of her and Galv... Yeah making Presents are way more exciting and more affordable... on the other hand when you don't have the time, we just buy...

So, well I'm gonna have a hard time cracking up stuff to buy or make... CHOICES CHOICES...

Random PIC of the day:

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dad's Convocation @ 4th Sept

Yeah my Dad's Convocation was few days ago.... and of course my Mom and I were there with him.... Oh and Sam too... he joined us 'cos he sk00ls there xD lol

Picture 002

Sam, Me and Prof. Teddy

Picture 004

My Dad and I... Someone should cast him in Harry Potter as an extra haha

Picture 006


Picture 009

The Rule of Third is my Aba... thanks Sam :P

MAAD @ 1st Sept

Yeah 1st Sept was MAAD Day... so I was OIC like last month...

and here are some of the pics from I drew of the people and sold...

I wish I could get a hold of last month's pics from Steph >.>


My favourite piece... I think the lady was really uniquely beautiful :)


This lady told me to add her mole at her upper cheek(that I missed) after she bought it xD

Father and Daughter... proportions were kinda off... little rushed >.<

The ANG MOH trio girls... The far right girl is called SAGE! How cool

I screwed up a lil with their faces on this one... The left girl I made her look like HARISU: Korean Trannie lol xD


Who says iphone isn't in Asia??

I saw one right in Funan Centre! in Singapore!! REJOICE!!

Goodbye Stu... continued.

We headed to Istana park... after eating... It's like a routine I guess when Kolo comes here xD

Rishi and Kolo getting it on... rofl






And i'm done... Phew... COME BACK KOLO!! D=

Goodbye Stu!

Although its kinda backdated... but I thought I post the pics and stuff we had before Kolo went off... we met up around late August before he off.

Here are some pics:


We had a CHEAP(still wanna use coupon somemore) treat for Kolo at Burger King xD
I have no idea what Rishi was doing k. Rishi you're freaky.




Contrary to my expression in this picture, I was ACTUALLY angry at Fahiza, for letting the cleaner take away my food when I wasn't finished -.-;; It's ok, she's forgiven... for now. lol

to be continued...

Sunday, September 2, 2007


WHOA last post was 31st July?? thats very long...

Its 1st Sept now haha

I decided to finally update my blog and well post some stuff I guess...

So far I've been Involved in 2 MAAD events at Red Dot Traffic. Organised by OIC

watching my fitness more...

and done a storyboarding concept for a foreign commercial. Oh and wasted hours randomly playing Ragnarok Online too.

I'll post some of the pics I drew in MAAD sometime tomorrow or something yeah...